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2013 Recap + Big Announcement

2013 Goals Recap

You may remember this post from about a year ago.  Time to check in and see how I did! 

Open up an Etsy shop.  X  Didn't happen.  This is still something I want to do, but right now doesn't feel like the right time to start a small business (however small!).

Read more history and poli-sci books.  ✓-  Replace "history" with philosophy and this holds true.  I did read Thirteen Days and From the Ashes of Sobibor, though, which were both great historical memoirs.

Watch more operas, and become generally more opera-savvy.     This one passes by a smidgen.  I watched the entire Il Trovatore and Eugene Onegin, which were firsts.  I discovered new operas, in bits and pieces, added Kwiecien and Alvarez as favorite artists, and rediscovered Kaufmann through his magnificent interpretations of Wagner.  

Eat less and exercise more ✓-  I lost about ten pounds.  Exercised less, if anything.  :(

Be a happy, good person.  I don't know how to describe this part adequately.  For sure, 2013 has been a happy year; I'll remember it as one of my favorites.  It wasn't me - I can't brag about myself; I haven't acted the best this year.  (I also had unusually bad allergies and was sick for several weeks in the spring.)  But God has been merciful, has opened my eyes through disappointments, and answered prayers I'd been praying for so long.  2013, unforgettable.

A few of the unexpected goals accomplished:

Finished a multitude of sewing projects
Cooked salmon dinner by myself
Read a paper in front of students and history faculty
Went to "beautiful Hawaii" (which is as beautiful as everyone says!)


1.  First of all, if you're this far through the post, you probably read my blog fairly regularly.  Thank you for that.  I'm 100% serious; regardless of whether you comment or not, it means a lot to me that you read the blog and get something out of it.   

2.  It's time to move!  That's right.  I'm moving to a new blog and url.  Brand new.

If you like what you've read here, please meet me at noonlight (url: noon-light) for blogging adventures in 2014 and beyond.  Think of it as a remix of this blog: some old and some new, all for the better.  I'll not be deleting all-that-is-gold - might even post here once in a blue moon - but good change is a domino effect.  I'm more than ready for it. 

Of course, I will still be on Tumblr, Pinterest, and all of those cool places.  The big change is that Blogger will be a priority again.  Blogger's still my fave. 


Merry Christmas Eve!

Gerard van Honthorst 001

I haven't done a sort of "life update" post since September . . . how fast time flies!

Since my last final exam a week and a half ago, basically all I've been doing is watching cute movies and drinking large quantities of delicious tea.  No complaints there.  ^_^  Fall quarter was on the order of "almost bad," but I passed all the classes, praise God!  Most important to me was passing discrete math II, one of those jolly prerequisites for so much else.  (I got decent grades, too, which is still hard to believe.) 

My sister and I usually play a violin/cello duet before Christmas Eve service - this year we're playing Bach's Sinfonia from his Christmas Oratorio.  Our sheetmusic is pieced together from the cello part and a piano transcription; all the notes are original, but the instrumentation makes it sound a bit different.  (I hope we can record it eventually so you can hear it.)

Hope you have a beautiful Christmas week!  Stay safe and warm.  : )


The Orange Orchard

Naranjos en granada

   Any moment, I will fall asleep.
   The ground intrudes onward with parched grasses and muggy soil.  Bits of it bleed into my ankles as I limp slowly, tediously, downhill in the tropical arboretum.  It is actually a forest.  There is no one in earshot, and the sky, a little hazy, cannot white-out the reach of the trees.  It is a new sight for old eyes; it tires these conveyors of mountain vision.  Green, green—and the color of rejection.  Light smudges the outer edges of everything.
   If I sat down under that reddish trunk, I could lose myself in a long, guiltless nap.  Wrapped up in grass stains and a little dirt, no one would miss me, and it would make no difference to me.  The thought of throwing myself down where I stand and shutting my eyelids hard is also irresistible, almost.  'Almost' changes the world.  I dream without 'almost.'  Oh, a nap would be gorgeous.